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    Pray for the Khawlan in 2020
    Special focus in 2020
    Five days of prayer
    Pray at any time
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    A least reached people
    in Saudi Arabia and Yemen
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    From the rising of the sun
    to its setting,
    the name of the Lord
    is to be praised!
    Psalm 113:3
    May the Khawlan praise His name!

Join us and thousands of other believers from around the world for 5-days of prayer and fasting for the Khawlan People of Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

دليل صلاة خولان [Arabic]

爲加蘭人代禱 [Chinese]
Khawlan Tagalog [Filipino]

Guide de prière pour les Khawlan [French]

Leitfaden zum Gebet für das Volk der Khawlan [German]

카울란 부족을 위한 기도 정보 [Korean]
Tribo Khawlan [Portuguese]
Ghid de rugăciune pentru khawlani [Romanian]

Tribu Khawlan [Spanish]
Khawlan people of Saudi Arabia and Yemen.
If you would like to translate this prayer guide, please feel free to do so
there are no copyright on this material, use as you can
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Dreams and visions

Faith's Dream:
God is moving among the Khawlan.

Coming from the Saudi side of the Khawlan tribal area is one lady named Natalie who is walking with the Lord Jesus Christ, she was born not far from the city of Fayfa. Natalie tells us that there is a tribe living on each of the mountains all around. For living in a restricted country like Saudi Arabia, Natalie is pretty bold in sharing how Jesus has made a difference in her life.

Not long ago she was telling us that one of her relatives, Faith, had a vision or dream of Jesus, actually three dreams over a few months in 2019. What Faith saw was she was standing with her sister and saw the Lord Jesus was standing between the earth and the sky, stretching His arms out like a cross.

The Faith asked her sister, "Who is he?"

The sister answered "He is the Christ!" "! هو المسيح"

Faith talked to Natalie about this dream. Natalie advised her to read Injeel (New Testament). Natalie emphasized that the sister in her dream didn't say that He is "Issa" but "Al Messeeh." [He is Christ]

Pray for more dreams and visions, more families being challenged with who Jesus Christ is, more workers to tell people what their dreams are all about, and more Bible for people to read.

[Names have been changed]

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